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Lets take a look at some of the recent movie news in today’s Pit.

  • Another Tron sequel is a bit closer to happening as Disney has hired David DiGilio to pen the new entry into the classic sci-fi franchise. DiGilio’s past credits include the short lived Aaron Stanford TV series Traveler and the forgettable Paul Walker flick Eight Below. I hope that they move forward on another Tron as there is endless potential within the world set up in the original 80s film and further expanded on in Tron: Legacy. Next year we’ll have Tron Uprising, an animated television series that fills the gap between Tron and Legacy. I wonder how the animated series will help shape the new film entry.
  • Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is in talks to fill the army boots of tough guy Roadblock in John Chu’s upcoming sequel to the 2009 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. The film is expected to have a rather large cast turnaround and will feature a ton of new characters, while losing a few of the supporting players who were in the original. Channing Tatum is expected to return as Duke and I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a safe bet to return as Corba-Commander. The first one was bad, but in a very enjoyable way. It was a popcorn flick and did its job by being damn entertaining.
  • It looks like funny man Jim Carrey may pull back into his filmography and return to some of his most successful characters. While out promoting his new film Mr. Popper’s Penguins, Carrey dropped that he has been in talks for both a Bruce Almighty sequel and a Dumb & Dumber sequel. While I could care less about another Bruce Almighty (the memory of Evan Almighty still leaves a bad taste in my mouth), I would LOVE to see Carrey reprise Lloyd Christmas along with Jeff Daniels’ Harry Dunne. We don’t get comedies as funny as Dumb & Dumber anymore, maybe lightening could strike twice…
  • How about some more sequel news? Angelina Jolie might reprise her role as action hero Evelyn Salt in a sequel to Phillip Noyce’s 2010 flick Salt. Sony is bringing back the writer of the first film, Kurt Wimmer, to pen the sequel. It is unknown who would take over helming the picture as Noyce as publicly stated that he would not be directing the sequel.
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GI Joe Preview

IDW Publishing presents an all new issue of G.I. Joe. In the new issue, Scarlett and a team of Fobbits make a jump to a tropical island that is a Cobra base.   They are lead by none other than classic Joe member Ripcord.  Will they be able to defeat Cobra and take over the island or will the evil organization do everything in its power to keep it in their hands. Elsewhere, Shipwreck and his crew heads into action against the Dreadnaught, aka Cobra’s gigantic submarinecruiser.

From the art above, it looks like the new G.I. Joe series is taking some influence from last summer’s movie adaptation.  I don’t think that is a bad thing per say, I’m actually one of the people who enjoyed the Stephen Sommers film. I think it was entertaining and fun, what more can you ask for from a summer popcorn flick?  In the film version, Marlon Wayans portrayed Ripcord (looks similar to the pic also) and Rachel Nichols was Scarlett. The film version also had them get together romantically. Will the comic follow suit?

G.I. Joe #20
Official Description: Ripcord joins the series as he leads Scarlett and a team of Fobbits on a jump to a faraway tropical island. But it’s no day at the beach because Cobra owns this little slice of paradise and means to keep it. Also, Shipwreck and his crew of pirates in action against the Dreadnaught; Cobra;s gigantic submarine-cruiser. It’s a perfect storm of action and suspense!

The issue comes out on July 8th. Have you been following the past 20 issues? Are you excited to see Ripcord at last? Did you enjoy the movie like I did?

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Batman 688

Not a lot of things came out this past week that caught my attention. I picked up Superman: World of New Krypton #5 and  X-Men Legacy #226 (I really wish they’d revert the name back to just X-Men), but overall it was a slow week.  DC Comics is gearing up for “Blackest Night” and I’m sorta interested in that, but it is not quite here yet. While I haven’t followed Batman since Gotham was ravaged by an Earthquake and declared a “No Man’s Land”, a lot of people have been recommending that I take a look at “Batman: Reborn”.  With Bruce MIA and thought to be dead, Dick Grayson has finally taken over as the Dark Knight.  In Batman #688, which hit stores on Wednesday, both Two-Face and the Penguin make their move against the new Batman.

What else is worth your time? This week was as slim as summer television.

  • Marvel: Uncanny X-Men: First Class #1 – a lighter look at one of my favorite teams of X-Men.
  • Dark Horse: B.P.R.D.: 1947 #1 – a vampire hunting down survivors of the Third Reich? Sounds interesting.
  • IDW: A few G.I. Joe titles and an an adaptation of Angel‘s final episode. I’ll pass.
  • Image: Eh…

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An all new teaser poster of Snake Eyes has been released for the upcoming G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. I actually like it. This film has a lot going against it, but this costume looks really good in this image.

Snake Eyes GI Joe Poster

Four other posters have been released for the film, Ain’t It Cool News has the scoop. Sadly, the others aren’t as cool as this one, they are pretty much just more of the same, which doesn’t work for the characters that aren’t as badass as Snake Eyes.

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Here are a few articles and vids to help you get through your morning coffee…
  • Nic Cage joins Matthew Vaughn’s comic book adaptation of Kick-Ass. (Hollywood Reporter)
  • The trailer for Transporter 3 is out! The action is of course non-stop. (IGN)
  • Did you know that Cobra Commander appeared in an episode of Transformers? (YouTube)
  • Obama introduces Biden as has running mate. Yeah, I know this has nothing to do with entertainment, but it seems important enough. (CNN)