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Hey everyone, I hope that you had a wonderful Holiday and New Years (and break from television)- but it is 2013 and shows are coming back just as fast as they left. Tonight I think you should sit back with ABC at 10pm for a new episode of Happy Endings and stay through Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23 (pictured above).

Wait a minute! Why in the freck are Happy Endings and The B- new on Sunday, don’t these comedies air new episodes on Tuesdays? Well, ABC? Would you like to explain yourself? (crickets) Last month the usually reliable network pulled 666 Park Ave and decided to replace it with new episodes of two of television’s most underrated comedies- I mean what makes a better pair for the melodramatic soap Revenge than these two shows… right? Right? (ugh) To make matters worse the network is keeping both comedies in their regular slots with new episodes. They say this will give the shows a chance to get new fans and try out a new time slot. What it actually looks like to a fan is that they are burning off episodes with little regard for the show or building audience.

Don’t Trust the B- in Apartment 23 has grown from an okay show with silly over the top characters (including Dawson’s Creek star James Van Der Beek as himself) to a laugh out loud show with even crazier over the top characters (Beek stands out). The series went from something I’d watch every now and than when bored to a show that I DVR and watch every week (now twice a week?). Hopefully the ratings improve and show ABC that this is a comedy worth keeping. Ditto for Happy Endings.

Official Description, “Paris…”: June begins a new job and is befriended by a colleague, but Chloe thinks the coworker is just keeping her enemies close. Meanwhile, Mark asks James for help in expressing his feelings to June.

What else is on tonight?


ABC: Once Upon a Time (fantasy drama)
FOX: The Simpsons/Bob’s Burgers (animation)
NBC: Dateline NBC (news showcase)
BRAVO: The Real Housewives of Atlanta (reality)
FOOD: Chopped (competition)
VH1: Mob Wives (reality)
ANIMAL: Gator Boys: Xtra Bites (docu)


FOX: Family Guy/American Dad! (animation)
ABC: Revenge (drama)
NBC: The Biggest Loser (reality)
PBS: Downton Abbey (period drama)
ANIMAL: Gator Boys (docu)
FOOD: Rachel vs Guy: Celebrity Cook-Off (reality competition)
LIFE: An Amish Murder (tv movie)


ABC: Happy Endings (comedy)
CBS: The Mentalist (crime drama)
FOOD: Iron Chef America (competition)
ANIMAL: Finding Bigfoot (reality)
DSC: Moonshiners: Outlaw Cuts (reality)
E!: Ice Loves Coco (reality)
HGTV: House Hunters Renovation (docu)

I really gotta say, when it comes to a new week of television I always look forward to ABC’s comedy block on Wednesdays. And tonight it is new across the board. The Middle and Modern Family have been consistently funny the past few years, while Suburgatory I only discovered with last week’s Halloween themed episode and with a mix a likeable characters and a creative story it kept me watching while I wasn’t looking for a new show to get hooked on. Happy Endings is a weird fit for the block, but I’m going to give it a chance. It doesn’t help that I’m anticipating the return of Cougar Town, which I’m still shocked that I love it as much as I do.

The Middle starts the block at 8pm, tonight’s episode is “Heck’s Best Thing”; Axl has an interview with a college-football scout, and his parents worry it won’t go well. Elsewhere, Sue and Brick engage in a texting marathon with their aunt’s cell phone.

Next up is Suburgatory with “Charity Case” at 8:30pm; Tessa persuades the school to get behind charitable causes, which yields mixed results, but her peers begin to wonder who really needs their help. Meanwhile, George’s friendship with Noah hits a snag after he gets a huge bill for dental work.

At 9pm we have the multiple Emmy award winning Modern Family. Tonight’s episode is “Treehouse”; Gloria persuades Jay to commit to a night of salsa dancing after seeing how much his friend Shorty (Chazz Palminteri) and his girlfriend (Jennifer Tilly) do together. Meanwhile, Cameron makes a bet that he can get a woman’s phone number at the bar; and Phil builds a tree house.

Last up we have Happy Endings with “Lying Around”; Brad sneaks off on a secret staycation at a plush hotel in the city in order to dodge a visit from Jane’s sorority sister. Meanwhile, Alex’s new boyfriend takes dating to a new level; and Max and Dave shoot a commercial for a lunch truck.

Also new tonight?


CBS: Survivor: South Pacific (reality)
FOX: The X-Factor (reality competition)
NBC: Up All Night (comedy)
HGTV: House Hunters International (docu)
OWN: Oprah’s Lifeclass (talk)
PBS: Nature (docu)


CBS: Criminal Minds (crime drama)
CW: America’s Next Top Model (reality competition)
NBC: Harry’s Law (law drama)
DSC: MythBusters (docu)
BBC: Law & Order: UK (crime drama)
FOOD: Man v. Food Nation (docu)
SYFY: Ghost Hunters (docu)


ABC: Revenge (drama)
CBS: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (crime drama)
NBC: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (crime drama)
FX: American Horror Story (horror drama)
BRAVO: Top Chef: Texas (competition)
COMEDY: South Park (animation)
USA: Psych (comedy)

Talk about a pretty packed night of TV, especially after 10pm on Cable. I’ve listed a select few above, but there are a ton of other new shows.  My DVR is going to be working overtime.

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