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Thursday is an all new episode of Heroes. That is something I never thought I’d say again. Check out this new teaser for Heroes: Reborn.

The continuation of the popular superhero drama is this Thursday, September 24 at 8pm on NBC. Jack Coleman returns as HRG to lead a new group of heroes and villains, included in the mix is Chuck‘s Zachary Levi.

Catch up on Heroes with the past seasons…

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This post was written by Jamie Jones who also writes about online accounting classes for

Superman, Batman, Wolverine…bla bla bla. It’s about time that we heard it for the girls who keep the Earth spinning properly on its axis, in the face of campy-cruel villains and their danger. Television has provided a bountiful array of badass lady leaders and heroes. But where’s the restrospective on their heroic and female-positive ways that they deserve? We’ve noticed this dearth and seek to amend it with this article, chronicling our ten superheroines who make a rescue feel like a rock concert. Maybe they’re born with it, maybe it’s mayday-mania. But something about these power women makes us swoon.

1. Wonder Woman
Originally based on the prowess and indomitability of the Amazons, Wonder Woman has gone on to take up a position in our society as the emblem of feminism that kicks chauvinistic butt, and takes names. She’s been around since the 1940s, but vaulted to fame through the 1970s series starring Lynda Carter. Warner Bros. has announced plans to revamp the series for a modern audience.

2. Batgirl
Batman and Robin met their girlpower match with this battily beautiful figure. She first appeared in the comics in the mid-1960s, and Barbara Gordon charmingly embodied her character on the kistchy television series just a year after Batgirl’s comic debut. What’s the secret to her popularity? Perhaps its that combination of a not-a-girl-not-yet-a-woman vibe with some slick wings that bat away evildoers with ease.

3. The Bionic Woman
The Six Million Dollar Man, a hit superhero fantasy series of the ’60s, found its match in Lindsay Wagner, who brought a feel of “anything you can do, I can do better.” That affirmation held true, as Wagner eventually earned her own series as the beautiful Bionic woman. The show ran for only two seasons, but Wagner’s mechanical wrangling sensibilities successfully infiltrated the zeitgeist.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The nineties were all about two things. One was marveling at a certain president who could — gasp! — jam on the saxophone. The other was ogling over the brand of voluptuous grit harnessed by Sarah Michelle Gellar as she vanquished Dracula’s descendants on this hit cult fantasy series.

5. Claire the Cheerleader
Hayden Panettiere made a quantum lead into the higher echelons of celebrity with her invigorating performance as a rah-rah-sis-boom-bah girl who can conjure a new foot, nose, or hairdo as it’s needed. Her bravery was such a hit in our culture that “save the cheerleader” became the hottest catchphrase of the mid-2000s.

6. Kara Zor-El
Kara, aka Supergirl, is not Superman’s daughter, but rather his cousin. And what a crimefighting duo they have occasionally come together to make. The very fact that Supergirl exists is testament to the truth that all ladies know — there’s no way that near-omipotence should ever be restricted to the boys.

7. Stargirl
Currently portrayed by Courtney Whitmore on Smallville, Stargirl comes off like a melange of Supergirl and Sailor Moon. There’s nothing silly about her compunction against evil though — a great message for young girls, in that being pretty doesn’t mean being a pushover.

8. Electra Woman and Dynagirl
So… this wasn’t exactly the most successful superheroine series to ever air on television. In the shadow of Bionic Woman, this female duo couldn’t capitalize on the extra power-woman love and lasted only one mere season. Still, the pairing is remembered for being the sweet yet sock-it-to-em antidote to Batman and Robin.

9. Powerpuff Girls
There’s no way any superheroine listing of any real import could ignore the uber-cute sensation of this animated trio. Arguably more than any other figure on our list (besides Buffy and Bionic), these little girls showed how feminism and ferocity were ultimately irresistible.

10. Birds of Prey
Only a baker’s dozen’s worth of episodes resulted from television’s attempt to chronicle the prowess of these eagle-elegant ladies. Still, the Birds of Prey linger in memory ten years later, because their steely commitment to virtue consistently took flight.

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TV Flipped Column with PJ Flip

Will there be a Heroes Miniseries? Heroes creator Tim Kring spoke with TV Guide to address the rumors. Tim Kring answers the questions: Will Heroes continue as a miniseries? If Heroes were a miniseries, where would it begin? …and… Is Nathan really dead or is there a chance he could be brought back to life? Watch the interview here.

I would love for the show to continue as a miniseries, television movie or web series, either way would be great. There are endless amounts of stories that could be told in the Heroes universe. What I would do is every month have a short web series, say 5-10 five minute episodes focusing on single characters. Then at the end of the year have a miniseries that connects all those web episodes.

Monday night on Lopez Tonight, George Lopez went through his twitter comments. He went on to make jokes on the nerds who go to Comic Con, Snookie being arrested, Justin Beiber, and ended with Vanilla Ice singing his “classic” hit Ice Ice Baby. Vanilla Ice is at about the 4:30 mark in the video, located here. Lopez Tonight airs nightly at 11pm/10c on TBS.

Law & Order: Los Angeles casting news: We already know that Skeet Ulrich will play a detective and Alfred Molina will play a deputy D.A. Who else has joined the cast? Terrence Howard will also play a deputy D.A., Wanda De Jesus will play the captain of robbery homicide, Corey Stoll will play Skeets partner, and Regina Hall will play the ADA.

Jennifer Love Hewitt will guest star on the September 29th episode of Law & Order: SVU. She will portray a rape victim that is afraid to leave her house.

Eddie Cibrian as been cast in a multiple episode arc on the new NBC show Chase. He will play a bounty hunter.

Rachel Bilson will return as the mother’s roommate on How I Met Your Mother. She will appear in the season premiere.

Sarah Shahi (Life) to star in a new drama on the USA Network. The show is a legal drama titled Facing Kate. Shahi will star as the title character Kate.

TNT has renewed three of its shows for next season: The Closer, Rizzoli & Isles and Leverage.

Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) will guest-star on House.

Billy Baldwin to be on Parenthood. He will be a love interest for Sarah (Lauren Graham), who will also be Adam’s (Peter Krause) boss.

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Heroes, Season 3

It is true… Heroes has been canceled.

No, I’m not surprised either, but I am saddened that the show was never able to realize its full potential. That mis-leadership, along with poor writing and bad character choices made what should have been my favorite show on TV (and for a short time came close) completely unwatchable. Heroes was a live-action X-Men series.  There were endless stories they could tell and with a revolving cast the show could have gone on indefinitely.  Instead, they rehashed the same plot devices time and again, alienated the most interesting characters, and keep killing characters just to bring them back to live.  They should have learned from their mistakes and learned from the mistakes of comic books (I.E. the endless resurrections), which the show was inspired from. The show never did and I guess it is better off being canceled. I wouldn’t want to be disappointed in another season like the past three. Zackary Quinto spoke on his personal blog about the show’s end, and Greg Grunberg tweeted about it.

Thankfully, Chuck was renewed. I have a reason to continue watching TV next year.

TV News

Wow. So much can happen in just a few days; dates have been announced for the returns of my two favorite shows, a series thought dead has gotten a couple more episodes and new hope for the future, a great series is coming to a close, and a popular show is getting a webseries offshoot.

Lost, the best show on TV, will be starting its final season on February 2nd, 2010 and will air its remaining 18 episodes on Tuesday nights at 9pm. I’m on the edge of my seat. I don’t read (or post) any news or spoilers about Lost, I just like to watch and be surprised. I can’t believe we are so close to its conclusion.

I can also barely hold in the excitement that Chuck will be coming back early, on Sunday Janruary 10th, with back to back episodes, and than another new episode the next night as it retakes its 8pm time slot on NBC’s Monday night schedule. This will push the ratings struggling Heroes back to 9pm, where hopefully it can regain some of its former numbers (and glory). With the network ordering additional episodes of Chuck, bringing it back early, and trusting the series with a strong lead off spot on the schedule, this gives me hope that NBC is getting behind the series and is ready to give it a big push to help it get the numbers that it deserves.  The list of guest stars for the upcoming season is amazing, with cult favorites Robert Patrick and Vinnie Jones, Superman himself Brandon Routh, Smallville‘s Kristin Kreuk, and former WWE wrestler Steve Austin to name a few. I can’t wait to see where Chuck and company go from here.

With Heroes moving to 9pm, that means that NBC’s Trauma is homeless. The freshmen Emergency medical drama, which was thought to have been canceled, just got 3 additional episodes ordered. Are they giving it a second chance? Or is this a sign that the network might be looking for shows to replace Jay Leno at 10pm? Trauma is better suited for the later hour just as ER benefited from a 10pm slot. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jay Leno, his show is just misplaced.

After eight seasons, Monk is coming to a close. There are just three episodes left! One of the last three airs tonight at 9pm on USA. In the new episode, Monk becomes Detective Monk after he is reinstated on the police force. Well, after 8 seasons, it is about time!

Finally, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy is expanding online! Starting this week on and airing until Janruary 21st of the new year is Seattle Grace: On Call, a webseries spinoff of the medical drama. The series is shot in a documentary-style with four minute episodes set in Joe’s bar. They focus on this year’s new interns (Mark Saul, Molly Kidder, Joseph Williamson, Gloria Garayua, Brandon Scott), a few of the doctors that were recently merged into Seattle Grace from another hospital (Nora Zehetner and Robert Baker), and of course Joe the Bartender (Steven Bailey). I’m a big fan of webseries, and I think this is a perfect way for a show to keep people tuning in when they are airing reruns.

It is an exciting time for TV, I just wish I could say the same about movies.

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Heroes, Season 3

Did you drop Heroes last season? Earlier this season? Well, the past few episodes have shown a lot of hope, with Bryan Fuller’s episode titled “Cold Snap” being the best episode since season 1. It just might be time to give the show another chance and thanks to Hulu, you can catch up on all of the season 3 episodes as we count down to the finale. Click here to be saved.

Heroes, Angela Petrelli

Tonight at 9pm on NBC is an all new Heroes. The show was injected with a renewed life and energy by the return of season 1 writer, Bryan Fuller. In the all new episode, Angela Petrelli must confront her past and try to bring her family back together to face the looming threat to their kind. I am really happy to say that I am excited about the new episode and the future for the show. I just hope that they don’t let Bryan Fuller go anywhere.

Also on tonight…


  • ABC: Dancing With the Stars (Reality)
  • ABCFAM: Greek (Teen Drama)
  • FOX: House (Medical Drama)
  • NBC: Chuck (Action Drama)


  • ABC: (9:30PM) Surviving Suburbia (Comedy)
  • ABCFAM: Roommates (Comedy)
  • FOX: 24 (Action Drama)
  • USA: WWE Monday Night Raw (Wrestling)


  • ABC: Castle (Crime Drama)
  • NBC: Medium (Sci-Fi Drama)
  • MTV: The Hills (“Reality Drama”)
  • TNT: Saving Grace (Crime Drama)