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A big thank you to The Huffington Post for posting about this decade old gem from Sesame Street. Back in the heyday of The Apprentice, the kids show spoofed the now presidential hopeful Donald Trump with Donald Grump, a Grouch who has more trash than anyone else. Not only does it hold up after 10 years with how funny it is, but it is just as culturally relevant (if not more so now).

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Hey, fans got Betty White the Saturday Night Live hosting gig, why couldn’t we do the same for the Cookie Monster? I know I’d watch…

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The Hollywood Reporter posted this sneak peak video from Sesame Street’s upcoming 41st season. In the video Sesame Street’s muppets have parodied the first episode of HBO’s True Blood. The scene take place at Merlotte’s, where Grouch Bill orders True Mud. Does anyone else think it’s a little weird for a children’s show to parody a mature HBO show like True Blood. Kids watching wont shouldn’t know what it’s from.

In other Sesame Street news, Katy Perry is too hot for Sesame Street! A scene with pop star Katy Perry was cut from the upcoming season after parents complained about her skimpy outfit. Here is a link to her video singing “Hot n Cold” with Elmo.

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  • The guys over at Sans Pants Productions have a new comedy spoof. This one takes aim at Sesame Street. What is up with the Count anyway? Funny stuff.
  • ABC is adapting the classic James Cameron action spy-comedy True Lies for the small screen. Sadly, A-Nold will not be involved, but I still think the material could warrant a really good show. We shall see.  NBC should have tried to grab this and pair it with Chuck on Monday nights. Oh, how I miss Chuck, less than 3 days until the premiere! Now with 100% more Linda Hamilton.
  • Ben Affleck’s The Town comes out this weekend. It looks really good. Who would have ever thought that Ben Affleck would become a better director than Kevin Smith? Wow, what a weird alternate world we live in!
  • Interested in making it big in Hollywood? What about a virtual Hollywood? Hollywood the Game is an awesome Hollywood Simulation where you write, cast, advertise, and making movies (and TV!). Check it out.  HTG is entering it’s 9th season of TV! What shows made the cut?
  • Enjoying any summer TV shows? Movies? Video games? Comics? Books? Music? Let us know in the comments!